Medicinal Herb Grower and Permaculture Apprentice Program

Apprentice Programs

Vajra Farm is accepting applications for its apprentice program for the 2011 growing season. Interested in learning the practice of permaculture and the art of organic farming and medicinal herb cultivation? Vajra Farm is a 45-acre research farm and botanical sanctuary, which is located 17 miles north of Lawrence, Kansas.

We are looking for individuals interested in sustainable agriculture and plant science that are willing to participate as apprentices in a work–learn program. Apprentices will learn about organic food production, creating biodiverse soils, and perennial polyculture food forests. They will participate brush clearing, prairie burning, cultivation techniques, planting vegetables, herbs and fruit trees, weeding, mowing, seed harvest, prairie restoration projects and much more. Instruction will focus on the following areas:

General Program: The program will begin March 1 and end in November. Apprentices will be expected to participate 6 to 10 hours a week for a minimum of 3 months, and will have to provide their own transportation and expenses. Apprenticeships are available for only a limited number of participants. Apply by sending a detailed letter describing yourself, interests, why you wish to apprentice, what you hope to learn, and when and how long you wish to participate in the program. Include two references with your application.

Permaculture Apprentice Certification Program: The Kaw Permaculture Collaborative is offering 12 or 24-week apprentice certification programs for individuals interested in learning the principles and practice of permaculture in a farm setting. Apprentices will participate a minimum of eight hours a week of instruction and work on our farm, and will be expected to attend four or eight off site seminars sponsored by the KPC. Please inquire for more information.

Mail your application to:
Apprentice Program
Vajra Farm
PO Box 55
Oskaloosa, KS 66066

For questions about the program:
Call 785-691-7305 or