Permaculture Projects

We first learned about the concept of permaculture in 1994 at a Bioneers conference. Ecologically sustainable living struck a deep chord in our hearts. A year later, when we purchased our land in Jefferson County Kansas, we decided that we would try to implement permaculture planning and design practices in the development of our farmstead.

Choosing the building site for our home involved basic permaculture design and feng shui concepts. Our octagon farm house is the shape of the Pa Qua and is located in the heart of the dragon on the land. The house is of a passive solar design with a massive circular rock wall in the center of the structure and windows and ski light features to store heat. We have a 1500 gallon water tank in the center of our double basement, gravity flow water tanks in the ceiling of the first level (used for solar water heating), and a geothermal air tunnel that extends 150 ft underground from the house. We live in and use a portion of our first level of the house for workshops, the coupala is a meditation and guest room, and our basement is a workshop, winery, herb and food processing lab and kitchen, and plant nursery.


Today the farm house is surrounded by various herb, vegetable and healing gardens, an orchard, vinyard and food forest. To the west of the house through a basement walk out is a woodland hillside with terraced herb gardens. Within the last year we have added a vineyard and begun creating a food forest of native and conventional fruit trees, and nut bearing trees, including paw paws, persimmons, apples, peaches, pears, cherries, plums, hazelnuts, chestnuts, pecans and others. To the north of the farm house we have an area dedicated to raising sheep and chickens. Our animal pens and pasture are situated near our live-in relic Amtrack train car.

Future projects will include an upgade and relocation of our green house, construction of a pole barn, a pond with swales, addition of photovoltaic panels to our roof and greenhouse and the installation of a small wind turbine.


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