Prairie Restoration Project

red flowers

Red flowers on the prairie.

Our prairie reclamation project has evolved from our initial prairie grass seeding in 1996. In the following years the restoration project involved the selective burning, mowing and further seeding various areas on the property. The first stage in the process was the clearing of brush and small trees in areas that had years before been cultivated. After clearing these areas (~10 acres lots), wild grasses were allowed to grow, followed by midsummer mowing. In subsequent years these areas were burned and seeded every second year with Big and Little Blue Stem grasses, Indian Grass and Side Oats Grama. Various forbs were carefully seeded in controlled plots. The prairie grasses have taken hold and their growth encouraged by mowing in late July each year. In the winter and spring of each new year we select new areas to be cleared, burned and reseeded. An ancillary aspect of this project is the composting of virgin prairie hay cut in mid August when many of the prairie plants have gone to seed. The hope is that this material will promote the germination of local prairie forbs species when spread on reclaimed areas.

echinacea patch

Echinacea patch.

Vajra Farm is accepting donations to help finance the cost of prairie seed and medicinal plants that are at risk. If you would like to help with our projects, please send your donation to the Plant Restoration Project, Vajra Farm, P.O. Box 55, Oskaloosa, KS 66066.

may prairie

Prairie in May.