Professional Qualifications

Vajra Farm LLC brings together diverse talents of its principle owners, Stephen and Nancy Moring. Stephen (Steve) offers his extensive knowledge as an herbalist, botanist, plant biochemist, natural products chemist and a permaculture design and land management consultant. He has worked for decades in the industry and has extensive experience in project management, professional training and academic teaching. He is an inventor with 12 patents and author of 30 scientific publications in bioanalytical chemistry, including several monographs on the scientific research and pharmacology of medicinal herbs. He is a self-taught herbalist and having studied medicinal herbs and pharmacognosy for over 30 years. He has many years of experience cultivating medicinal plants on a garden scale and has worked as a consultant for quality assurance for numerous herb manufactures and organizations.

nancy and steve

Steve currently teaches at local community college, and owns and operates a farmstead business. On the farm and in the community, he is engaged as a regional land consultant, specializing in the cultivation of alternative crop systems, medicinal herbs, permaculture system design, prairie and woodland restoration. Steve has studied engineering, aquatic biology, ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Maryland (BS), and plant systematics, plant ecology, biochemistry and natural products chemistry at the University of Kansas (MS). He is certified in permaculture design through Midwest Permaculture. Steve has also studied the art and application of Feng Shui in garden and landscape design.

Steve is an active member of several organizations supporting the development of alternative agriculture and healthcare in the Midwest. He serves on the board of directors of the Sustainability Action Network and the Center for Environmental Energy Medicine Studies. He is also an activist for the mitigation of energy depletion, creating sustainable environments and communities. He lectures and presents workshops on cultivation of medicinal herbs, organic food production and permaculture design. Vajra Farm is botanical sanctuary network member of the United Plant Savers organization.

Nancy Moring is an elementry school teacher and a practitioner of subtle energy medicine. She incorporates modalities from Reiki, Breema and Quantum Touch in her practice. She also is trained in shamanistic healing practices and is working with Steve to develop our healing gardens. Nancy is a facilitator for workshops in Quantum Touch Therapy.